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Must be logged in to see MOST of my characters!!!

All my characters are basically sonas. You may offer on any character that's not marked with "X"!!! Eeppyo/Maguropai designs are also off limits!!! 

If I do not respond to an offer, that means I'm not interested!!!

: Profile warnings :

Some of my characters contain content some people can find disturbing or triggering. 

Contents can contain (Will have a warning)

Suggestive/sensitive content


A lot of cursing 


Mentions of drugs/substance abuse

Bright colours

Slight or straight up nsfw(+18,,,will be hidden if so!!!)

Will be adding more...


If you're homophobic/transphobic/ don't support the lgbtq+

Dont support neopronouns

Kittydog or foxi-boxi supporters(personal)

Proshippers(or whatever they're called)

Draw feral nsfw

Dream smp stans (normal fans are ok)

Racists, Ableists, zoophiles, Pedos, etc.

You ship irl people

Basically if you're a shitty person

If I or a mutual blocked you (please)

If you're under 16

Will be adding more...

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