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30% off OC sales, ends April 7th +more

Posted 15 days, 1 hour ago by Beed

more info on the sale here!
just really need to clear out my repositories. the fact that 'repository' is plural is really what makes me " " LOL

i also have one slot still open for a $25.00 custom. you can read more about it here!
and of course my chibi comms are still open.

and if you don't have money but have characters up for trade, you can check out these threads:
CS swaps
general trades

why yes i'm recouping my horrible spending habits from celebrating my husband's birthday, how did you know?   

my hiatus will begin very soon (before April is over)! just fyi. if all goes well i'm aiming to be back for a bit mmmaybe for artfight in July, and my birthday in Aug? and then back off again until autumn starts up. we'll see though. that might be too long LOL

few notes (lots of links)

Posted 2 months, 23 days ago by Beed

well shit i typed up this huge ass bulletin and accidentally closed tab. -_-
i'll sum it up with less venom than last time LOL

►►looking for pixel artist recs. read more here, but feel free to send recs via comment or PM on here.

►►still trading the nochenails dainty; please read the forum post. i may be less tentative on him now but i'm still wanting a trade that's worth his value awright

►►actually while i'm here, more trades/sales stuff if the daint is too rich for your blood: regular trades, resells, CS swaps/trades, Plasmids on sale

►►going to slowly bring my personal species to a CS because i'd love to see other's creations with them. they will be much more 'open' in terms of traits and rarities than even my Plasmids
if you are interested in helping kickstart them with some guest designs/spreading MYO slots/being a herder of my creative energy and becoming a mod or some such, please PM me ^_^
and if you're interested at all, just in a plain sense, do let me know. it helps to know i'm on the right track.

►►will be rolling out these chibis for commission. also wondering if this is a good idea. since you're reading this via bulletin, if you have an idea for price and are interested in one right now, PM me with your offer; i'll prolly accept it.
and if you don't have money, but are willing to do an art trade for them, please PM me, i could use more examples ofc. winks

►►[first, a warning, i'm not looking for pity lmfao, so please keep your 'abububu poor thing' comments to yourself fhgfhdghghdfg]
if you don't know, i was diagnosed with bipolar II many many years ago (like, nearing ten years ago, way too quick rip). i feel i act it and make a fucking fool of myself REGULARLY, but to a lot of people- i'm told- that i distance myself enough that i don't seem to be 'here' if at all, mentally.
it seems like more often than not i'm going through some shit. lol oh wait that's classic BP moods. anyway, these past two or so years have been the, without a doubt, LONGEST years of my life and 'going through some shit' is legit my default at this point. i understand correlation =/= causation but i've dived into this adopts+commissions b/s around that time, and while at first it was a nice distraction from my moodswings, now i feel like it kinda... feeds into it, instead. i'm weak, idk   
sooooo, i'm going to try and take a seasonal hiatus when my husband confirms his dental surgery appointments in a month or two. i will do my best to wrap up loose ends (trades, comms, etc.) but if you need to remind me about something right here, right now, please don't hesitate to do so. better safe than sorry.
i will not be entirely gone from the computer like i really want, just knowing the nature of the beast that is an online community that also supplies some monetary gain and maaaaaybe feeds my addiction, but i just... need to not always be available, here. but if i can be absolutely gone for a few months that would be ideal jkfneionr0392hnodr
i can't say for certain when so i can't give a concrete day or month.
if you really really REALLY need to get in touch during the rest of spring, PM and ask for my email address. for now, though, i'll be here, hah.

and then when i get back its over for you hoes.....

lol jk could you imagine. pffft

personal 'fave-for-fave' bulletin

Posted 6 months, 11 days ago by Beed

How's your day going

6 Votes Alright I guess
4 Votes It's goooooooooood
2 Votes Horrible! [feel better soon!]
14 Votes I am merely here on the physical plane; only when I slumber do I reach the truest heights of my potential as a human being.

i've been using the fav-for-fav thread in the forums for a while, but it's hit and miss... so i figure it'd be more fun to get personal about it anyways: anyone subbed to me can come in here and let me know who they're wanting faved and i'll do that, then you can favorite who i ask of!

soooooooooo, just leave a comment with however many links of your characters you want me to favorite! (no limits!)

i can tell you right now it'd mean a lot to get some faves on my boys that have stolen my heart: &
but of course i have more in mind as well! ^0^

if you're not interested in that sort of thing i understand (i mean tbh that was me for a long time), but you can just turn around and act like you didn't see this instead of complaining in my ear about it lol

Not gonna shut up abt it

Posted 8 months, 15 days ago by Beed

Its my birthday ☺☺☺☺☺☺

I'm turning..... 21 again for the sixth year in a row!!!

What makes a headshot interesting/good?

Posted 10 months, 14 days ago by Beed

This is something i can't give convenient poll answers to get more responses out of. oops

well anyhoo, lemme know your thoughts!

*headshot as in the drawing variety

THANK YOU FRIENDS for the input!

matching character icons

Posted 1 year, 20 days ago by Beed

Your personal opinion on the matching icons?

24 Votes I like them! They look nice and neat.
2 Votes I don't like them. They look all the same and it's boring.
12 Votes Ehh, I'm torn between the two options. I can see it being cool, and I can see it being boring.

you know, on your character pages. like making all the icons of your characters done in the same style... maybe on a base?

there was a thread in the forums about this, but i was wondering what the homies think.

personally.... i like the concept, and when i see it in other ppls galleries it always looks REALLY nice-- but what if you got a really good art that you desperately wanted to show off instead of the icon?
not to mention i would want to make the icons myself, that seems kind of like a LOT of work lololooo.... but hey why not? yknow?

idk....! thoughts just for the sake of thoughts, please!

what kinda chibis do y'all like

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago by Beed

answer the question

2 Votes chibis where the head is REALLY big and the body is REALLY small
19 Votes chibis where everything is pretty anatomically correct, they just look smaller for sure
11 Votes i'm torn between the two. can i choose both? i'm choosing both. YOU CAN'T STOP ME

i wanted to add more options but it'd just get convoluted...
let's assume that these chibis have clean lineart and flat color, big cute eyes and not those cute little simplistic dot-eyes, okay

free plasmid raffle for first time owners

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago by Beed

in case you don't go to the forums, i'll put it here :+D
there aren't any hoops to go through or things to shill, you just gotta leave a comment if you're interested!
the raffle ends on the first of January.

i'd love to have you if you'd love to have a free custom plasmid!

join here!


Posted 1 year, 4 months ago by Beed



  congrats Banmon !   
feel free to choose from a custom plasmid, plasmid MYO slot, or art-- PM me with your choice and all the details! ☺

this took 8 tries before a banmon's number came up-- nobody had picked all the numbers generated beforehand LOL
i love it when the random generator is truly random, makes a tear come to your eye...

thanks so much for participating, friends!

100 subs raffle! (free custom or art)

Posted 1 year, 4 months ago by Beed

We havin a good day today?

7 Votes Yeah
1 Votes Nah
10 Votes Nyeah
6 Votes It's getting better...!
2 Votes I'm holdin' on the best I can...
2 Votes *Clicks*

just realized with one of my buddies coming to TH and subbing to me (hi okadu!), that made for 100 subscribers! wowie zowie. 

  comment on this bulletin with a number 1-100 (no duplicates, so double check before commenting) and after 7 days, starting today (11/23/2017), i'll use the random generator to draw a number. whichever number gets generated wins. if the number generated is not listed in the comments, i'll keep clickin' generate till a number in the comments pops up. godspeed y'all.   

the winner of this raffle will get:
a custom Plasmid (common or uncommon traits)...
if you're not interested in a Plasmid custom, you can have a free MYO slot (common, uncommon, or legendary traits)
if you're still not interested in a Plasmid (i tried lol), you can have a free drawing of one of your OCs, style of your choice. anything goes: chibi, bust, fullbody, pixel, etc. etc. etc.

only rules are that you have to be subbed to me. because... duh.
new subscribers after this 100 are ofc welcome to enter the raffle (if there are any new ones lol, just writing this out in case)
soooooo... you got 7 days to enter this thang. and get you some free art or a free plasmid. 'cause you rule and make my life brighter.

thanks for the interest! and especially for being friends ☺♥ ♥ ♥