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Some general info is to be listed here, and what not.?!>!1..1...

General stuff

  • I am a male, homosexual leaning, poc
  • I love early horror movies
  • I love halloween & valentine themes
  • I am nerodivergent and mentally ill


  • Draw me fanart
  • Dm me about offers
  • Dm me for anything at all
  • Favorite my ocs


  • Draw nsfw of my ocs without asking
  • Draw gore of my ocs without asking
  • Leave hate on my page

These are just some general warnngs for my page, aka, things I post, or things I might post in the future + byf


  • I am 18+, meaning I can and will draw porn/gore if I decide to. If I do, it will be hidden to minors and in a sub gallery. If porn/gore upsets you at all, then don't follow me, but if you are a minor and you do follow me, you wont be able to see it anyway.
  • I might not get back to you asap. I am quite busy daily, and I am not on toyhouse often. I mainly use instagram, of which is Bingy.Bop
  • I do not use tag tones. I do not hate them or anything, I just personally do not use them, and most likely wont.
  • I am nerodivergent, meaning, I might not always have the best judgement. I try to do right and do my best, but I might slip up & make a mistake. I also might come across as harsh due to these issues, so bare with me. : )


    • Drug use ( in the future
    • sfw/sexual/porn art(in the future, will be hidden to minors + will have sub galleries.)
    • Gore maybe? (if so, will be hidden to minors + will have sub galleries.
    • My content is subject to change, meaning these warnings might change.


  • The basics(pedo,zoophile,homophobic,transphobic,ect.)
  • Pro shipper
  • Apart of the dsmp fandom(liking his content is fine, but being apart of the community means DNI with me.
  • Say any slurs publically. any. I do not like slurs, relcaimed or not, UNLESS you are a close friend of mine.
  • Sexualise strangers, especially youtubers, and put them on some sort of high ground for simply making content for you to enjoy.

Most likely people who have truly broken my t.o.s or did/said something petty and got mad at me for it.


  • AX0L0TL-K1LL-
    • getting mad an oc is "referenced" and blocking me even when I change the design, but then changing their OG design to look more like mine.
  • sugradopts/softsugr/softsugradopts-
    • A minor owning a character with porn(not knowing at first) but when asked if they could possibly just trade them, they lashed out & said I was hounding them.
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