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Meow :3!


Hi! ♡


  • Fav spam! I love it
  • Offer on anyone in my "x" tag (Tertiary, Other Ocs, and UFO folders!
  • Dm me to offer!
  • Leave comments on my page/ocs!
  • Dm me to offer a trade if I fav'd one of your ocs and you see a UFO oc of mine you like!

  • RP as / faceclaim my ocs
  • Offer on my Secondaries, FH, or Mains
  • Offer me ocs you aren't willing to trade. Please tell me who's offlimits!
  • Offer me base ocs/base fill art
  • Steal or heavily reference my ocs
  • Dm me for small talk

  • Zoophiles (includes feral nsfw!), Anti LGBTQ, TERFs + Transmed, Racists, Sexists, etc. and supporters
  • Proshippers, anti/anti
  • Harry Potter consumers
    • Block on sight. Some art is inseperable from the artist. Educate yourself.

These topics will always have warnings.

  • Self harm
  • Gore/blood
  • Suggestive works
  • Artistic Nudity (very rare)

These don't have warnings!

  • Several of my oc profiles have the F slur in them. I can reclaim.
  • Self harm scars
  • Bugs

PLEASE read!

  • Money > Art > Trades > Anything else. No customs!
  • Ship art & GIFs/animations are highly sought after!
  • For CS, I only accept other CS trades, not just any oc !
  • I CANT view mature-locked accounts
    • This means I can't do trades or business with you, sorry!

Keep it kind and respectful please, thx!

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