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General Warnings

  • ❥ Characters listed as NSFW are not to be sold or given to minors
  • ❥ My designs are not for design fodder - please purchase what you are truly interested in
  • ❥ Base credits are always included in my uploads and I will be able to give this information via email if you do not have a (along with designs) if you make a purchase
  • ❥ Do not hesitate to message me with any questions

  • ❥ Breaking my TOS results in warnings and/or blacklisting
  • ❥ Finding loopholes or violations of my TOS is not acceptable, doing so will result in being part of my blacklist
  • ❥ If you have any questions, please let me know via DM
  • ❥ These designs are not for kinning/inspiration/copying/etc
  • ❥ Designs purchased will retain purchase price unless there is additional artwork however creating rushed work does not apply to this (transfer log is a good place to check before purchasing) If the artwork is not included on the TH page please message me with concerns or questions on if the person is breaking my TOS
  • ❥ Changes to my designs are allowed such as gender/sex changes, minor design changes, species change, etc are allowed as long as the design can resemble the original (this does not count for breeding or color picking for another design)
  • ❥ My designs cannot be changed into a closed species unless given permission from me and the species owner
  • ❥ Only characters labeled as art offers/customs/etc are up for offers aside from USD - please read my posts and folders
Other Info

  • I will not accept lying, scams, or anything illegal as an offer
  • I do accept art offers if a character is listed as so; if a charcter has a listed price and I have not exclusively expressed interest in offers please do not offer anything else
  • I do accept base work as an art offer; regardless of the type of art I give 3 weeks of silence before reaching out asking if there is still interest or I may remove the pending/hold status
Design TOS

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