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G'day! welcome to my Toyhouse page!

on this page you will find all of my characters and characters for trade and/or sale, if you are interested in any of the characters for trade or sale please comment on their page or dm me!

my account is SFW, there will be no NSFW art on this page and i will not interact with NSFW pages, as it makes me uncomfortable

please do not steal my art or characters! all of the characters in my "Fursonas" folder are NOT for sale or trade so please do not ask!!

My account is a safe space and supportive so please do not feel that you will be made to feel uncomfortable or made offended, if you are for whatever reason please contact me directly so I can delete or change anything!

if you are homophobic, transphobic, racist, ableist or sexist DO NOT INTERACT! I do not tolerate that behaviour on my page and you will be blocked!


please enjoy my art!

thank you for reading and don't forget to favourite the characters you are interested in or like!

- Aster (He/Him)

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