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If you're here to draw one of my characters, please don't skip this!

Some of my characters have lines under/near their eyes. Please not that for my own character references, I do not draw bottom eyelashes! This is not stylistic. You must include if drawing them.

Below is a guide of what I mean by markings! I know it's a small detail but it's a mandatory design element I put by choice. If you're confused on any of my characters, feel free to ask me!

If you are unsure what this graphic is saying, please do not hesitate to ask!
Characters that have these markings:
Alex, Alister, Arcadia, Cassiel, Evelyn, Fione, Medea, Merlow, Nyx, Vale, Virgo

You may notice on some characters' pages that I credit artists in the bio. That's due to them designing the outfit for said character and I want that to be acknowledged. That being said, if there's any artist mentioned here that is unsavory, please note I am only mentioning them for the credit. Unless explicitly stated, I am not supporting any of these artists' actions. 

Thank you for reading!

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