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General Warnings

  • Light NSFW (Artistic nudity and sexual jokes/references.)
  • Depictions and themes of abuse (The emotional neglect of children, elder abuse and mentions of abusive ex partners.)
  • Blood and gore (Serious injury, Blood, Bruises, ect. Scars are uncensored.)
  • Religious themes and imagery. (Cults and Heavily religious characters.)
  • Art containing bright neon colors and rainbows.
  • Things that can trigger common phobias (Arachnophobia, Coulrophobia, Pediophobia, Entomophobia, Ommetaphobia, ect)

  • No terfs, racists, zoophiles, pedophiles, homophobes, anti maskers, anti vaxxers, ect.
  • Do not role play or ship my characters.
Other Info

  • I'm not very good at writing or expressing myself in general so I apologize if I come off as odd or ramble.

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