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H3ll0 th3r3!
Leviathan • 17 • Any other than she/her

Welcome to my Toyhouse profile! feel free to look around! feel free to add my characters in 'main ocs' and 'kin sonas' to dreamy lists, the other folders (artist and sona) are off limits :3

Do not ask if ocs in almost all folders except main ocs are up for sale, the answer is no >:[

Please do not
  • Joke About Technoblades death around me
  • offer on ocs in 'Artist' and 'Sonas'
  • give my OCs to people on my Blacklist
  • Steal/copy my characters, inspired is fine
  • cattoothcathy//Simplysoot [insta] Personal reasons
  • place holder
  • place holder
  • place holder
General Content Warnings

Liminal Space

religious themes

apocalyptic setting

place holder

place holder

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  • OCs who dont fall under the General warnings have they own
  • Everything is fictional do not feel attacked
  • my Toyhouse is Vampire themed, dont contuine if your uncomfy with it

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