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I keep meeting Cheyenne's LOL I never meet them in real life

but hello name buddy!

XD Hi there.

Ha boy I loved your response, althgought I am half-demon. I do kill but only those who have killed or harm innocents, also I did help a friend of mine kill my own the father, the godfather to all demons where I’m from... I find you dissing me hilarious seeing as you’re a parasite.

Guess we’ll never agree eh?

Heh, yeah. Sorry for Cheyenne Savina's attitude. She has a bad history with demons. As a powerful demon threatened Her people. Then one forced her two adopted sons to become demons that would of killed innocents. She had no choice but to kill them.

Interesting... :0

Yeah. So it's no offense against your demon oc. Cheyenne Savina actually wants to help demons who are willing to change.