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Page warning: I use a lot of gifs, some fast, some slow, or some that are flashing and/or bright n' colorful. I advise you click off if you have epilepsy or experinece seizures or any other side effects from fast moving images.

Before you click past this, here's a quick list of rules!
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1. Do not DIRECTLY copy my character's designs, they may inspire you but that's all I'm okay with.
2. Do not ship my characters with yours without asking me.
3. Do not steal any of my characters. I'll eat your knees.
4. Do not draw 18+/NSFW/Rule 34 of ANY of my characters.

Do not interact with me PRIVATELY if you're a NSFW only account, it makes me uncomforted!

(Content warnings: Death, smoking, and/or drinking in some backstories (or use of other substances), occasional body horror, lots of swearing/cussing, lots of jester/clown, monster, and demon characters.)

(Quick DNI: zoos, maps, people that are apart of 'cringe culture', anti-LGBTQ, anti-neopronoun, anti-xenogender, MCYT stans.)
^ You will be blocked for these or if you make me uncomfortable, It's mostly for my safety online. ^

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