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  • abuse
  • torture
  • flashing images
  • GIFs
  • gore
  • drugs
  • death
  • war
  • kidnapping
  • etc.
If any of the above trigger you, please turn back now! Stay safe!

I ALSO USE MY TH AS AN IMAGE STORAGE SITE FOR MY OCS. Some OCs might contain NSFW, gory, etc. images. If you see an image that you made but is credited incorrectly/has an outdated credit/etc., please let me know so I can correct it!


(no, i will not talk about these people! so don't ask.)

  • MonsterGem/TereByte, or Mod/Moderator/Kayden - Manipulated and lied to me and my friends (and one former S/O) for about a year or two and caused massive amounts of trauma in almost all affected parties. Stole one of my OCs while claiming they'd done nothing wrong. Refuses to acknowledge the damage they caused. Victims remain on high alert to this day and have never been able to get closure or fully cope.
  • Spectaria/tekkitz, or Spec/Spark/Quack - Passive aggressive and hostile towards me and several friends for about two to three years. Manipulated several of us including their former S/O, to the point some of us turned on each other. Vagued and gossiped about us for a year or less afterwards. Caused massive amounts of trauma in several affected parties, some haven't been able to recover, abuses almost resulted in my hospitalization. Acts like the victim, blames the actual victims, has never apologized nor recognized what they did was wrong.

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