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Hey there! Welcome to my profile :) please read the following!

basic dni (maps, lgbtqia+-phobic folks of all kind, ongoing theifs and tracers, nsfw artists, etc.)


  • adding to dreamie folders
  • gift art
  • messaging and dms
  • venting to me
  • spam faving
  • asking for pings

do nots: 

  • offering on my mains and sonas
  • drawing nsfw of my characters
  • kinning or taking heavy inspiration of my characters
  • tracing/recoloring/stealing my art or characters
  • heavy cursing/slurs on my profile
  • making uncomfortable jokes (if I don't know you)

Some of my characters contain sensitive topics! (Including but not limited to: gore [nothing too severe], knives, and bright colors.) 

(oh hey and don't wrong my friends either. An angry Cooki is not pleasant to deal with)

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