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General Information: PLEASE READ

Characters on this account are not for Sale, Trade or Offer unless specified.
Please DO NOT DM me with offers for characters featured on this account.

If you wish to see what characters I do have available, please check my alternate account CrimmyQ-Sells

Many of the characters here are self-designed.
Please do not trace, copy or heavily reference any of the characters I own.

General referencing is allowed as long as the creator of the character is okay with it. 

I may be willing to ping people for certain characters if I ever do decide to re-sell or trade them, however, I do form very close bonds with the characters I collect so the chance of me relinquishing ownership is rare in the majority of cases. 

Fan Art and Art Status

You are more than welcome to draw art of my characters if they inspire you. Please feel free to comment on their profiles or DM me to ask any additional information you would like to know about them.

My to-do-list is currently: FULL

Commissions: CLOSED
Requests: CLOSED
Art Trades: CLOSED

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