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 I have a hard time turning people down so I may just not reply if I don’t wanna accept your offer sorry 

please credit my alt Mobpsycho for old designs+art

profile Rules

I don’t care about kin doubles and I generally use the term instead of synpath. I’m not fictionkin, basically. I don’t mind if you are though just don’t get upset with me over it

When buying an old oc of mine(i.e with a name, description etc) DO NOT HIDE THEIR PROFILE!!

please do not put my sonas in your dreamies or wishlist !! It makes me sad


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some characters are ghosts/undead 


religious themes(just crosses, angel, and demon characters, nothing very detailed)

feminine male characters 

light blood


medical themes

Heavy themes(i.e mental illness, etc)

Heavy blood

Many eyes(sometimes clustered)

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