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Also I have a hard time turning people down so I may just not reply if I don’t wanna accept your offer sorry 

I'm really tent with characters since I have a lot of ocs. I'm trying to get rid of ocs, not get more.

please do not put my sonas in your dreamies unless i know you!! It makes me sad


Other content warnings:

-characters may contain heavy themes! I will try to provide warnings for characters that do

-a lot of my characters have many eyes(sometimes clustered) I’m trying to get them all warnings. If you see a character that isn’t warned, please lmk so i can warn them appropriately.

-a majority of my characters have bright colors

-I do not tag characters with bandages, if these kinds of characters make you uncomfortable then proceed with caution 

-I have a lot of kinsonas! If that makes you uncomfortable, dni!

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