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> General DNI criteria (racist, homophobic/ transphobic, etc.)

> Draw feral/beastiality porn. You're fucking disgusting.

> Pedophile, zoophile, "MAPS"

> Looking to be friends if you're under 18. (I don't mind being mutuals, But please respect that I'm not comfortable being friends with someone under 18)

> If you are friends with anyone on my blacklist and are trying to speak for them (they can talk to me like regular adults.)/defending their actions/looking at my account for them. etc. I will not hesitate to block you.



> Rigbytez/Rigbythememe/Rigsalt: Abuse, Manipulation, Possible grooming of a minor, draws/consumes beastiality/feral p*rn, likes comics depicting SA in a sexual manner, etc. I have an entire call-out and I HIGHLY encourage everyone to read it. You can find it here:

> Somecallmekabu/Kabustorm: Rigs' partner. 

There are more in my TOS. I know some people aren't comfortable with blacklists but please understand that this is for my safety.


Please note that I am not super active on toyhouse. I only post every once in a while. If you need to contact me you can on my Instagram: cryptidshq

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