3 - Cute Horror

My wonderful horror OCs. Most are crafted by me, all are very loved and not for trade. 

However, if you like any of them or a certain style I've put in here, just ask and I should be able to work on a horror custom for you! 


Called cute horror because with my art style, even my scary things look like they belong in a cartoon. Which is fine it's a great thing for me, the creator, to have such a unique art style that fits who I am as a person. And that person is currently drinking coffee and chewing on their sleeves while taking optional classes as an almost 30 adult. 

And is unable to rearrange anything on toyhouse because it for some reason is touchscreen unfriendly in the sorting aspect only (for avatars it lets me!! why not for sorting?) and I only have touchscreen and a trackpad so I may be back later with a vent character who knows.