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Hey!! I know this is a kinda odd question, and I apologize if I misread anywhere that you don't take offers, ;u; But would you be willing to trade https://www.deviantart.com/starfrost-archives/art/GW047-772736142 ?

I would be happy to take offers on them!

Would you be willing to trade for https://toyhou.se/14543031.-mirabelle-/gallery? They're the one that calls to me!

I can do them sure :33 <3 Please take good care of her!!

wonderful! I shall! Gimme.... just a few moments to find their png and see if I have to go through a process to let you have them XD just a mo

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Hi there! First of all, I’d just like to say that you toyhouse is full of such lovely characters, I just stare in awe half the time lol!

I wanted to ask if you would ever be down for a Gigason design trade? I’d be willing to pretty much take any of the ones you have for this gal here! There is no pressure if you don’t have an interest though and completely understand! <3


Have a wonderful rest of your day/night! <3

Hi there, sorry but none of my gigason designs are currently in my trade/sell folder and I do not think they ever will be. I am quite happy with them. Good luck on trading yours though!

Thanks for the art ive never seen that before the beach one is really cute of gemri!

Holly shoot you have a lot of oc’s, there all gorgeous and Chrome is just 👌

Oh gosh, thank you! Yeah xD I have done a loooot of to over the years

A friend linked me to your page via Kaida and I absolutely fell in love with that characters design 👌as well as all the rest. 10/10

Oh gosh, thank you so much! This makes me so happy to hear!


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Sweet, sweet bab!

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Daffu! <3!!


Hello! Question... are you still around? Your latest bulletin is dated "11 months ago" x3

Of course I'm here! Yeah I tend to not update the jouranl/bulletins but I do upload characters! Something up? (The best place to get a hold of me is my deviantart btw!)

That's good to know. 11 months is awfully long since a last update. x3 In fact, I just got out of a 10-month hiatus!

Well... nothing all that noteworthy is up. I just like leaving random comments on the internet in general. Though I did notice you authorized me (to which I'm surprised because I have no idea who you are), so I guess it's not all "that" random.

I can tell you're on DA much more than over here by a long shot. I'll keep that in mind if I do need your attention. But then again, I'm noticing you're a 5K-watcher person. Certainly you have a zillion messages to keep up with already with your own friends and the crazy mobs. x3 So I guess I'll be contacting you if I feel rather lonely, unless you really want another person to steal your time and chat around with. ^__^

I did drop a watch on you now that I took some time to check out your page. Your art is really good!

Oh gosh, hush. Nah, I don't get that many messages, really. I tend to be a bit shy about talking for the most part and apparently, despite that, I think I intimidate people (lord knows why, I'm a mouse, I swear). Thank you for the compliment! And yeah er ignore the post because I usually don't... tend to update those at all XD I do log on here though. Just not as much as DA.

I tend to authorize people that watch me here and seem trustworthy/I hope won't go running off with my oc art haha

You? Shy? For starters, this very reply is far longer than the average reply I get from the closest of my friends. I rarely get messages as long as yours and quite honestly, you'd only intimidate me if you threaten me or something. (And your Shaymin OC definitely is not a look of intimidation either.) Well... if you're not all that busy (as you claim to be), I guess I'll be looking forward to some more talk. x3 But over on the DeviantArt, I guess.

^__^ I is now a watcher and I seem trustworthy. That was quick. Anywho... I figured that would explain what authorization is. My question would be where the whole paranoia or "oc art theft" really began. Unlike most people, my oc's are too obscure to catch people's attention, so it's probably the reason I don't understand how "oc management" really works.

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Oh hush XD I authorized because you subscribed, which means you're interested in the ocs - I only watermark because people... are being stupid and grabbing shizz, displaying it as theirs and...no. No you don't, lmao. So I figured hey, you seem nice! Have an Authorization!

Hai ! //pokes you and rolls away//

*gasp* HI!

//rolls back to// How are you? >u< ~

Quite well, thank you XD

>u< No problem Your art is very cute btw *o*

Gahhh, thank you so much *hides* >0< I feel so happy you think that!

//stumbles around// Well hello! I noticed you favourite my character and had to check out your page! You have some lovely characters yourself!

Ahaha, I was JUST commenting on him. Like... apparently as you were typing this! Yeah, your boy is literally everything I love all rolled into one XD creepy-cute, reptilian (I apparently have a thing for reptiles, alas)... makes me wish I could find more!

Haa yeah, must have xD Thank you so much! I have a thing for reptiles to hahaha, there is not enough of them out there!!

XD woah it's Daffu. Hi there~

Lmao XD TIS INDEED. I just stumbled upon you on the front page and was like, woa, is that the pepperly /I/ know?? .... y yes, yes tis. And thus, you have my stamp of stalk-age.

XD Good find! And you have a stalk-age back. Mutual stalk-age. Mutual stamps. The stamps to kill Kuzco-- wait

All the stalkague. ALL of it. *whispers* I love you and your references.

All of it. There is never a bad time for Emperor's New Groove references. /shines

Umm, sorry, I hit un-subscribe when I came to thank you for following my characters... the page jumped~;A: So you'll get a second message saying I subscribed again... I'm sorry I'm such a dork~xD anyway, thanks for following my toyhou.se~ ♥

Oh, don't worry XD I meant to yesterday but I was sort of all busy-like, doing up my characters and didn't get 'round to it. I did so today though, obviously; you seemed like an rpger, and the characters I peeked at were lovely so yeah, of course I followed you. Yay!

Heehee, thank you~:D Hmm, not really an RPer, I seem to fail at that when I try to create stories with others~xD I love writing my own stories though, Going to be doing some short comics soon and such, my characters and their worlds are my life~! I'm happy you like my characters, that means so much to me~ ♥

Well, rpger, writer... I was onto something regardless, haha. Just the way you set up your profiles seemed to hint at it. I'll keep an eye out regardless! *thumbs up*

Thanks~ :D I'm happy you feel that way~ *hug*