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Please read me

Hi there!

Please read these carefully ^^

I keep a lot of characters on my account, so here are the general rules/warnings.

The Mains and CCU folders are Look, but don’t touch only. Please don’t offer on any of these characters, they are incredibly dear to me. You’re free to look at what I’ve done with them though :]

The content of my stories at times gets very heavy. Be warned for the CCU folder, which has most of my lore, there are elements such as abuse, cannibalism (looking at you, Varic) war, disasters, slavery, exploitation etc. Sensitive images/excessive gore will be marked with warnings, as will literatures. I’d like to keep these up for others to look at as I’m very proud of these characters, so if you cannot handle these themes in passing, just don’t look. Thank you.

Please be courteous and let me know if there are any issues with credits by PM ^^ I use Toyhouse on the daily so I’ll get back to you soon!

Have a nice day :]

Do not
  • Trace, copy or steal my art/characters
  • Offer on characters in Mains/CCU
  • Offer on characters marked ‘NFS’ in tags
  • Draw NSFW of my characters
Content Warnings
  • Mostly for the CCU folder;
  • Blood
  • Violence
  • Intense sequences

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