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General Warnings

  • sensitive topics (e.g self-harm,crimes,war)
  • gore topics (e.g murder,cannibalism,body horror)
  • Triggering backstories (e.g abuse,childhood trauma,etc)
  • Most of my Characters are males ,masculine or/and feminine males, nothing against female characters ,just preferences .i still have females ocs but they mostly authorized or privated due to personal reasons.
  • Most of my ocs are authorized due to personal reasons  .The ones that are unauthorized or visible to the public are either because i’m comfortable with them out or because of the tos of the creator of the said character/s,Please kindly inform me if you have a design i currently own that you want to be unauthorized or visible to public 
  • Some of characters may or may have stories or theme around them that are deemed immoral or unethical,this however doesn’t mean i support it.I don’t support,romanticize or/and condemn these actions done by my characters.

  • Do not offer on anyone who’s inside the off-limits folder unless told to
  • Do not use my ocs or art  for any reason without permission
  • Please kindly do not sexualize or draw nsfw any of my characters,children or adult. im not comfortable with it
  • Please do not make carbon copy or ‘heavily inspired’ of my characters  ,color picking or abit of inspiration is okay as long they dont like literally the same or not a carbon creative 
  • Refain from asking to ship my characters with your characters as most of them are ace/aro
  • Please refrain from drawing those belly nipples on my furry ocs even if its in their design im uncomfortable with them (most furry ocs of mine that has belly nipples aren’t made by me)
Other Info

  • this account under control of two people [LatteBoss][Denotilia (main owner)]
  • All/ most of my ocs are automatically ace/aro unless they have a different written sexuality on their bio
  • tysm for reading!Hope you have a wonderful day or evening!
  • may the stars be with you

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