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I've not got much to say here, other than a couple important little guidelines/warnings to get out of the way. Also, if you're drawing any of my characters and some details are unclear, just ask and I'll clarify!

• Some of my characters feature potentially sensitive content such as abuse, kidnap, murder, etc. All characters with mentions of these will have their own warnings that go into more detail and any images that feature these will be flagged appropriately, with sensitive content marked with specifics.

• Just because I have characters who feature these topics, that does not mean that I in any way condone them. I am not my characters, please do not assume such. Any attempt to attack or belittle me because of this (or anything else) will be met with a block.

• My characters are mine and mine alone, please do not kin with themclaim them as yoursuse them as yours or any other similar actions. If you do any of these, I will notify you and politely request that you stop, however if you continue, you will be blocked immediately.

• Do feel free to offer on any of my characters, but please do keep in mind that I may reject your offer simply based on attachment to a character. Also, any characters in a select few folders (stories, fursonas/special, Thomascorn05 designs) are not open to offers and likely never will be.

• Please do not compare my characters or designs with existing characters. This just makes me kinda uncomfortable, and I'd really appreciate if you could keep any thoughts about similarities to yourself. That said, I'm not as fussy about this one as I am with other guidelines.

• If you wish to draw my characters, there's no need to ask! I would be honoured. However, please do not draw any NSFW and ask me before drawing gore (no need to ask for candy/flower/etc gore) as I would prefer that some characters are kept away from that kind of thing.

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