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 A few things you should know before accessing this profile... 


  • Please do not draw or do NFSW fanart of any kind as I am still a minor and just find it unsettling in general
  • Please don´t try to haggle on any characters unless you ask first
  • Please ask before offering on any character unless in for sale folder
  •  Please ask before kinship/shipping any characters (Mostly friends only but can ask)
  • Please note some of my OC's might contain triggering/disturbing subjects all will be listed below characters with that subjects have not currently been tagged or added warnings yet will add in the future enter at your own risk!!!!! 
  • ( Also please note just because a character of mine did it does not mean I´d do it or encourage it by any means!!!!)
  • Please don´t Guiltrip/Bribe/Beg /Steal, Trace, and or Heavily reference

 Topic Warnings


  • Smoking/Drinking
  • Blood/Gore
  • Death
  • Violance/Torture/Murder
  • Mental Health/illnesses
  • Bright Colors/Eye strainers
  • (WIP adding more)

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