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Hello and thank you for visiting me and my characters! I hope you're having a wonderful day thus far and it continues to be! Please read through and be aware of what I don't accept and possible warnings for my characters and my art! If you have any further questions, feel free to DM me or comment on my page and I'd be happy to answer!

Please Do Not

  • Copy/steal my characters/stories
  • Trace/heavily reference my characters/stories/art
  • Draw NSFW art of my characters
  • Offer on characters not in UFT/S or Limbo
  • Use/kin my characters
  • Use my work in blockchain content such as NFTs

Content Warnings

My characters and content may include:
  • Gore/Blood/Violence
  • Trippy art/content
  • Ideologically senstive work
  • Some NSFW
  • Dark and emotionally heavily content
Everything will be flagged if sensitive content of any kind!

When offering on a character, please DM or comment on the character's profile or on a character purge masterpost! Please do not offer on anyone outside of my UFT/S folder unless I specifically designate that you may look through another folder. I have the right to decline if I am not interested in a character being offered!

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