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Rules & TOS

Posted 2 days, 13 hours ago by Elithian
Code Rules and TOS
These rules apply to all my codes, unless explicitly stated otherwise or we have arranged otherwise. Please respect them when working with my codes. For collab codes, keep in mind the other coders' rules too.
General rules
  • You can edit my codes as much as you want and combine them with other people's codes.
  • Never remove the credit. You're free to style it as you wish, but it should be visible.
  • Don't sell any edits of my code.
  • You're free to pay someone to recode my codes
  • You're free to reference my coding to see how things were made, but please don't rip out entire chunks and call it your own coding.
  • I'll always take suggestions on what to make next!
Addon rules
  • These addons were made to be added to existing coding, or to be used as a separate tab.
  • I provide credit near the end of my addons. You're free to place them anywhere in the profile, so long as it's clear I only coded the addon.
  • Please don't use the addon code for code that you redistribute.
Custom rules
  • You can contact me at any time to order a custom.
  • My customs will be on visible display as a part of my portfolio. The code will be private, but a live version will be kept up on my profile. Keeping the live version private needs to be requested.
  • Full payment in advance through Paypal.
  • Customs can be edited as much as you wish.
  • Customs are for your use, and anyone you allow to use the code. I will not make them publicly available unless we agreed to make them available to others.
  • You are responsible for who gets the code. I will give you a link to the full code, and you're free to hand out this link to other people if you so desire.