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Hey my dudes, if you stumbled onto my page, be aware I don't skimp out on horror here. If body horror, slashers, eldritch abominations and strange silent hill like beings make you uncomfortable, you might want to turn back. 

This is your only warning, now on with the show~ <3

Please Do Not

  • Kin my ocs, that's my job.
  • Repost my art or the art others have done for me.
  • Ship my characters without permission. At least DM me first, I don't bite. 
  • Interact if you're homophobic, transphobic, racist, you know, the usual. 

Content Warnings

  • Gore
  • Mental illness
  • Suicide mention
  • Religious imagery/cults
  • Drug use/addiction
  • Unreality (A lot of this)


I will never stand for oppression, and will always fight for basic human rights. Do your best to help out, via petitions, boycotting and spread of awareness.



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