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Hello!! I was wondering how we would be able to use the YOI OC code? Because I'd love to use it for my OC, Asami.

Just here to remind you that you claimed me here on this thread over 21 days ago! Just a friendly reminder. <3

thank you! I'm so sorry for the lateness, I'm still recovering from some lingering sickness. I stopped working on it for a bit at around my retreat but I'll get to it soon (don't worry, I haven't forgotten! Here's a wip to at least give an apology for it orz") I do apologize if it would be late for a bit!


No worries! I send this out to everyone but when I had to send it it to you I was liek oh noo. Don't hate mee. XD Lol Thanks for the wip!




ERAN <333

found u!!

oh hihi!!! >u< b lmao u foUN D MEEEE AAAAAAAAAA oh no u will see my inherent Ignis obsession don't judge lmao


its okay lmao

i added you on discord too! 8'D

yaaasss lmao >u< I kinda go off and on on discord nowadays tbh ;w; mostly because it keeps doing the 'ur discord is updating' shit whenever I open it lmao


did you update it???

i did but it usually just keeps "discord update 1/2" all the time and I'm like asndfjgnhj,l f u dicsord.

Thanks for the sub! <3

np! I saw ur OPM OCs and LOVE them!!! <3333