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I’m just commenting on here so I don’t turn the thread into a mess

But sorry about that! I think I might have confused you for another person who responded to him!! ^^;

Haha it's all good xD I definitely didn't remember his page. And favorited the character which I know I'd have done in the past If I saw him before xD 

Don't worry ❤️❤️

Thankyou for the faves!

yo its so cool meeting someone else who’s into urban exploration !! love your art dude, keep up the good work !! :^))

Hey there thanks. Absolutely, always loved exploring abandoned places and such. Urban areas can be pretty neat, especially old abandoned hotels and such. 

Hey! I love your characters so much and would love to draw them eventually. When I'm done with my que, could I perhaps try to persuade you into a pay what you want? I love what you have going and I'd be honored to add to it is all, sorry if that's weird haha.

Hey there thanks much :) im glad you enjoy them. Im not looking for commissions or trades at the moment sorry.

But if you really wish to draw them feel free as long as you link back to them/me :3

Okay! If I have a break between commissions then I'll see what I can do. <3

<3 :D


*Boops* guess who? Hint is FB friend x3

Ooooo heyuu!!

*Waves and huggles* x3

-hugs back- :D


Awww yisss!!! :D <3 <3 <3


Bb ♡

:0 <3