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iPad Fund

Posted 6 days, 2 hours ago by FirestormFox

 my 4yo iPad is DYING (currently stuck on boot) & I kinda need it for art, so I can't do comms right now I have lot of things for sale on buymeacoffee rn, both physical & digital, & it'd really help me out if you'd take a look and consider buying something or donating

Character Hub

Posted 13 days, 9 hours ago by FirestormFox

Been playing around with character hub. It's pretty cool. Customization options without having to play with code. Other cool stuff. May shift to using it primarily.

ISO 3D Modelers

Posted 1 month, 11 days ago by FirestormFox

Casually ISO 3D modelers to make a new 3D model of Cinder.

Want someone good a replicating the official style of Sonic 3D models. Maybe like Unleashed. Especially need someone good at semi-complicated shoes with straps and expressions that aren't just the eyelids (brow movement). Also must be able to do body shape like Rouge and Whisper (Cinder isn't thin like Amy or Blaze, she has shape and thicker limbs).

I want it to be multipurpose: rigged for VTuber (must work in VSeeFace and Warudo), able to pose for still renders or animation, and usable for Sonic game mods. I also want the model to be cartoon nude with the clothing added so I can also commission alt outfits for her to swap.

I will need to put together a document so I can be precise on exactly how I want it to look. There's a few design elements that are often misinterpreted.

Sonic Channel Ages

Posted 1 year, 7 months ago by FirestormFox

To reflect Sonic character ages being dropped from their Sonic Channel profiles, I may drop my Sonic OC ages. If SEGA is planning to age up some characters, my OCs’ ages will likely not change.

(They changed ages for Adventure, so it’s certainly possible they plan to update them again, especially as Frontiers seems like a soft reboot in the same way Adventure was.)


Posted 2 years, 1 month ago by FirestormFox

Gothic Cinder and Lolita Mochi