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Thank you for your compliments on Elias. <33 I really appreciate it.

NP! They were fun reads <3

Tysm for the faves!
I am so glad you like my characters.
Honestly, my heart might melt from all your kind words!

Thanks so much for the favorite



Thank you haha! Love all your ocs, Jev <3

Thanks so much for the favorite and kind words 💕

No prob! I hope your peppy girl always manages to find the light xD (she's a lantern so *shot*)

Haha aww. 😊👍

Thanks for the faves as well!

Thank you so much for the fav on Yuuto!

No prob xD!

Thank you for all the favorites! If you ever want our OCs to interact please tell me!

Sure thing ^^! Perhaps Raine and Audrey? What kind of world is he from? She's from an urban fantasy setting!