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The name's Wake! This is my Main account so i'm extremely tent, but if your looking for peeps to offer on, go to Nymwadd instead, as it's my Trade/Sales Acc. Other than that just dont do anything stupied, i'm v chill and am hungry for human interaction so uh-

!!!!ALWAYS PM ME HERE ON TOYHOUSE BEFORE "BUYING" AN OC, even if I say it's me and you think it is!!! I DO NOT SELL OS ON AMINO! I sell them here, on discord (my tag is #5983 to confirm it's me), On instagram (Furiousofpanda, Nymwadd, and I have some old adopts still up on some species accounts like @doks.species, but the description tags me) and on DA & FurAffinity (Furiousofpanda) ANYWHERE ELSE AND IT'S MOST LIKELY A SCAM!!!!!! I don't make new accounts and when I do it's usually to disassociate with my main account to anonymously roleplay/check out suspicious servers.


  • Do not offer on anyone and if they are ufo, read the descriptions
  • My dms are always open for casual conversation
  • I Don't do art for free, not even for my own family, so if you see requests it's always going to be a sketch, nothing else.
  • If I fav spam or something I just was favoriting designs I enjoyed looking at, I'm on toyhouse every day so If I ignore warnings that have rules about favoriting, WHOOP! I usually read tos's and the profile warnings if I'm going to interact w someone such as a comment or DM.


  • Read my global design TOS!

    • Draw my OCs, ask if ocs can be friends, Relationship requests/etc! I love doing oc interactions!
    • Talk to me!!!! I'm on here every day and it gets lonely.
    • I'm always up for Collabs, Art Trades and Commissions so don't be afraid.
    • Feel free to goof around on my page, send me memes, Send me out of context words, cause I do the same thing to literally everyone pfft


  • Talk badly about my ocs unless its part of their lore, just dont talk shit design wise/Compair them to other characters
  • Colorpick completely/copy my designs/ocs. I'm okay with partial colorpicking if your using like 3 colors but anything else I'm not okay with if its very obvious it's color picked. If you make it completely different than the one it's picked from i'm fine w that. basically just dont copy my ocs.
  • Do not Trace/Recolor/Edit/Repost My art. Even if it's your character. I'm alright with Edits and reposting if YOU OWN the character, as long as you credit me.
  • just don't be an ass, that's basically all I ask.

I try to put warnings on specific characters/art when I can but some characters I tend to completely forget to, so please be weary.


  • I hav a lot of neon/Weirdcore/Vaporwave/Webcore based designs with bright colors.
  • Theres one character somewhere with an optional syringe accessery, so needle warning I guess tho it really isn't that bad. (I dislike needles myself)
  • I usually try to preserve characters when I get them/reuse their original created intent, but if i gt a lq design from ya chances are i'm planning on completely redoing them design wise.
  • Body/Horror and uncensored blood is very occassional but is there. I like horror concepts so despite my cute art style please be weary if you dislike minor blood/gore/body shifting/mutilization.


  • You're under 13.
  • If you are part of a hate group/culture (including Pro-life individuals, anti-lgbtq, racists/sexists, Pedophiles/shota/lolies or has a history of scamming people over) EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU'VE CHANGED OR CAN CHANGE. Please just block me, thanks.
  • If your only here to make people angry/spam accounts. Please just don't use toyhouse for illegit characters, I'm staring at you masterlist accounts. Go on DA or something smh, toyhouse isn't for spamming with fake profiles of already existing characters.
  • I'm not okay with shota/loli's/preditors/bait individuals or accounts. Just seriously stay 30 miles away from me.

I usually don't blackist. I have a private blacklist but these ones in public are because they have a history of scamming or have broken my tos massively. Minor tos breaks are private as they probably just didn't read my global character or my DNI. DO NOT HARASS THESE USERS!!! SIMPLY DNI WITH THEM/IGNORE EM!!!


  • Tel0den
    • History of creating hate groups, getting kicked from his own hate groups and still is still trying to produce a bigger hate group, as well as has a past history of design theft, scamming and has made Feral Nsfw. Keep my designs far away from this individual and I advie that others DNI with this individual.
  • mitsuki
    • Made stolen designs and is known for repetative design theft as well as dating a minor as an adult, and has poor behavor towards my general direction and the people I know. Please do not interact with this individual.
  • user
    • Nobody else is on the public blacklist but I may add more.

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