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  • I use CSS on some character pages. If you have that disabled, it might make some pages look weird.
  • If you see me use the term "zoo," I'm referring to animal education & conservation facilities; if I mean "zoophile" I will say that or "zooph."
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  • Everything listed above is NOT tagged for. More sensitive subjects may be present with their own warnings.
  • Flashing lights will be tagged. Bright, saturated colors on still images will not.
  • The topics and themes you may find here do not inherently reflect the beliefs or desires of the author(s), whether or not anyone directly condemns them in-world. Many of my characters are bad people; do not use them as an example to follow for real-life behavior.
  • Toyhouse does not require warnings on nipples. Go whine about it elsewhere.
  • All sexual content should be set to auth only. If you see it publicly, please let me know immediately.

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