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*The following characters on this account are owned by myself! Seen anywhere else outside my listed accounts, they are stolen! Please report if they are found.*

-My account does not include explicitly sexual or nude content, so don't fret over that! <3
-My characters are not for public use or for sale, so please don't ask to use or buy them! Please also do not copy or heavily reference my characters (you absolutely can take inspiration, but do not make a blatant copy. this includes just changing around 1 or 2 things but overall keeping the design the same)!
-My characters may include darker/more serious topics in their history or archetype depending on the story. Please be aware of this. I'll put a warning on any I suspect fit into that.
-If you are the designer of the original or current design of a character I own and are not listed as the creator absolutely request credit!! Sometimes I can't find the right person or place to credit and may forget. Similarly, if you're the designer and have a better place to have as your credit link, PM me to change the link <3
-If you're interested in a design from me, PM me! I'm down to talk details and such even if i'm not open. I'll, of course, let you know if I'm not open and when to check back with me again.
-If you want to roleplay, headcannon, have a general connection between characters, ect.- absolutely PM me!! I'm always down to chat. I'll let you know, of course, if a character isn't open to these kinds of relatonships.
-If there is a character you believe is offensive towards a certain group of people please PM me respectively with your concerns and reference to the possible problem. I'm always concerned about if something isn't represented well. I can say, however, involving sexuality I will not often have it be part of the history or character arc as it is not often needed in my stories outside general romance. Similarly, even if a character is a generally evil or morally bad character, I do not personally believe their sexuality, gender, ect. in the real world is the same- anyone can be anywhere on the different moral types no matter who they are in gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity/race, ect.

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