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My name is Hinxkii, I’m a British artist and animator, characters on this account all belong to me and may be used for story or animation purposes. All gifts are greatly appreciated and most likely you would get one in return. Random things I’m obsessed with atm: Genshin Impact, The Owl House, Mlp and a lot of Anime.


  • Expect British words :D
  • I am not a minor I’m a 18 year old adult.
  • My mental health is not that great atm.
  • I am LGBTQ+ and I have characters that are too.


  • Gift art of my characters it will make me a very happy bunny.
  • Draw your characters with mine.
  • Ask for art trades.
  • Ask for more information of my characters if something isn’t clear.


  • Steal/Trace/Heavily reference my art.
  • Ship your ocs with mine (ask)
  • Send me hate I really don’t take it too well.
  • Draw NSFW art of my characters.


  • Characters may include gore and graphic imagery.
  • Some characters may include nudity on their ref sheets.
  • Some characters may have flashing imagery.


  • You’re going to fight over opinions-
  • You are going to be Homophobic /Racist / Sexist / Pedophillic / ableist etc (just please don’t be like that here)
  • Make fun of people’s hobbies that literally don’t harm you or anyone.
  • Your going to argue with me-

Currently have no black lists atm.


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