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  • Lots of pink and bright colors ahead! Some characters and profile codes are very colorful, and usually have repeating backgrounds. Just be careful!
  • Characters are not up for sale/trade/offers unless I specifically say offers/sales/trades are open for said character. If you have a character in my dreamies fav-folder you want to offer me for a character of mine, you can send me a message with your offer. I can't promise I'll accept. Some characters are forever-offlimits. If I don't reply, assume it's a no! (I don't have time to reply to every single offer message. I get too many!
  • A lot of my characters profile codes are unfinished or haven't been started yet!
  • Just because I don't draw all my characters often, and most of their codes are unfinished, doesn't mean that I've lost interest in them or don't deserve them. I care about all of my OCs, and I'm always looking at them/thinking about them. The amount of art I've made/gotten of a character doesn't dictate my right to own them (and neither do you!).
  • I really love dragons. There are many dragons ahead.


  • Don't reference or copy my characters! Please don't make characters overly inspired by mine to the point where it's easily noticable and can be confused as one of my designs or characters.
  • Please do not spam my page with comments!
  • I will not hesitate to block you if you: Leave guilt-tripping comments, beg for a character/design/trade relentlessly, trace or copy my work, claim a character for sale and then ghost me, etc.
  • Honestly, if you're nasty or make me uncomfortable, I might end up blocking you. I have a right to do that. Please don't come begging for an explanation if you've been blocked, or try to "apologize" later randomly. If you're blocked, that means your blacklisted from owning and/or buying/trading one of my designs. Designs of mine you currently own are still yours, but you aren't allowed to buy any other designs of mine after the fact. I will add you to my public blacklist so people can easily see if you aren't allowed to buy one of my designs.


Hi! Welcome to my character hoard! My toyhouse is always a work in progress, and I have many unfinished profile codes to complete. My Cake page-doll has lots to say too if you want some extra entertainment (she's currently unfinished, but she's got plenty of cute lines here and there if you hover over her!). I occasionally post adopts here as well, but be warned, they're usually cross-posted on my discord servers and instagram (occasionally my twitter). I hope you have fun looking at my collection and my stories/lore!

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