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Do not offer on characters that aren't in the ufo/uft folders unless given permission overwise. Because I'm really fucking tired of having to tell people "no" who offer on my damn mains or characters in stories. If they're not in the fucking "for sale" folder, don't offer. 

I'm fine if you ask for a future ping, if I disconnect from them. 

You do not have the right to use my characters in anyway, whether as nonprofit or profitable actions. You cannot roleplay w them or use them as a headcannon for some idea you have. You can't use any of my characters at all. 

Do not copy my characters designs. Do not rip off my oc if I decline an offer of money, art, or an oc trade for them. Just fucking don't. 

Do not ship my ocs w yours w/o asking. 

Gift art is always welcome, but ask before you lewd one of my ocs. I have several who are strictly asexual and not to ever have nsfw drawn of them.

There are some ocs who have nsfw, gore, and other triggering things. Follow the image warnings on the characters.

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