Any closed species characters in any of these folders belong to me and me only.
If I have any of your "dreamies" in here, sorry, but they are here forever. 
Do not ask me about them. They are my ocs. Please leave me alone.

While some characters may remain part of their respective worlds,
I am using each and everyone for my own personal purposes,
which may deviate from designated species lore.

I no longer participate in any closed species groups, Discord servers, or Toyhouse worlds,
and I will never set foot back into these communities ever again.

None of these characters are voided and none of them ever will be.
None of these characters are available for trade, sale, or any other method of transfer. 

I strongly urge you to stay away from communities like these if you struggle with compulsive spending;
this warning is especially relevant if you are diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.
It will make your life miserable, and you will never be happy. No purchase you make will ever satisfy you.
Do yourself a favor: sell what you can, get rid of any trade fodder, and get out. I did. And I'm much happier now.