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General Warnings

  • NSFW isn't a strong theme throughout my profiles, but it is to be taken into consideration!
  • Mentions of strong triggers
  • My characters dabble with mental Illnesses, Drug Use, Alcoholism, Violence/Sexual Violence, Self Harm, Racism, Trauma, etc.
  • Some of my characters may display visually triggering features such as monstrous appearances or scars/bruises.

  • My characters are NOT available for your public use, personal use, reference material or commercial use unless you have direct permission from me.
  • Don't Heavily reference, trace any of my art, copy any of my original content, rip off anything here, steal any art or characters, or post any of my characters on Amino.
  • Do not offer or make attempts on my characters unless they are in Sale, Trade, Offer or Free foulders.
  • THEFT will NOT be tolerated, so be prepared if you intend to wrongly steal from me.
  • Many characters and folders are under construction, please bare with me.
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