The Story of Them

The Story of Them is a Poetry book I have written and published. All the characters in this folder are inspired by the characters in my book! This folder contains Bunnies, Butterflies, Birds, Monsters, and even more! 

Go check out my book here: The Story of Them

 Poetry  Masked   Animals  Creatures


This folder contains all my Humans! They sadly don't have wings or any magical skills, but what's wrong with being normal?... right?..

 Human  Earth  "Normal" 


In this folder are all my furry friends! I know humans aren't for everyone, here's your place to stay.

 Animals   Anthros  Four-Legged   Creatures


This folder contains all my Monsters! Centering around my "Monster Hunter" and all her friends. You can find Zombies, Vampires, Mummies, etc.

 Monsters   Creatures   Vampires   Zombies

Angels & Demons

In this folder you will find my Angels and Demons! All very gay. 

 Angels   Demons   Goodomens   Supernatural


In this folder is all my elves! I love their pointy ears <33

 Elves   Fantasy  DND   My Babies

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In this folder has all of my DND Characters! They are all very baby. Characters such as a Tiefling, a Triton, an Elf, & more!

DND   Elves  Dragons   Tiefling

Partners in Crime

In this folder contains all my characters from my story "Partners in Crime" (Yes, inspired by the song).

 Evil   Crime   Heroes   Set it Off 


In this folder contains all my characters from my story "Truro". Based on 7 people getting kidnapped to live a Jigsaw type fantasy.

 Escape   Mystery  Kidnapped  Jigsaw 


Yes, this is exactly what it looks like. Characters designed around the Infinity Stones. What can I say? It's the Autism.

 Marvel  Stones  Power  Hero

Cookie Run

This folder contains all my characters inspired by the game: Cookie Run! 

 Cookies  CookieRun   OC's 


In this folder is my "Rose" Squad characters. Very Gay. 

 Roses  Bromance   Gay  Group 

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