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Hello! Welcome to my page. Here I have a wide range of characters; I tend to really like Demons and other humanoid characters. While I’m still learning TH, please be patient with me. I’m trying to organize my folders and such. Please do not steal my characters, my (personal) designs, don’t trace, a bit of referencing every now and then if fine — but do not trace or claim my characters as your own. All characters of mine I am connected to in some way... Some of my characters are “side” characters, who don’t have specific roles inside of my stories, and some do. I try to find characters to help my ability within art to grow as well as designs that well help positively challenge me. I love demons the most — hence why I have so many. And have many ideas for other characters. That’s it for now. Thanks, I hope you enjoy the chaos of my page 😂

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