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Adoptable Terms of Service

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If the adopt is labeled ‘Auction’, please reply to the comment linked in the artist’s description, under the words ‘Bid Here’ for your offer. Please reply in a chain, to enable previous bidders to keep track of the bids. SB or Starting Bid is the minimum price of the adopt, and will be mentioned in the description. AB or Autobuy is the set price that will immediately grant the bidder the adopt without having to wait for other bids. In this case, reply with ‘AB’ or ‘Autobuy’ in the featured comment provided. However do NOT edit your bid comment to make the bid lower than original offer. Do not hide or drop your bid. If you drop your bid more than once, you will be blacklisted.

Set Price / Flat Sale

If the adopt is labeled ‘Set Price’ or sold within a ‘Flat Sale’ , it may be bought without an auction by replying to the comment linked in the artist description, under a featured comment.

Offer to Adopt

If the adopt is labeled ‘OTA’ or ‘Offer to Adopt’, please read further instructions in the artist’s description of the said adopt.

Snipe Guard

If there is an end date + set time for the ongoing auction and new bids are made at least a minute before the closing time, then the bidding time will be extended. The last bid must stand for 30 minutes with no contest.

Payment Method


Having the money on hand is a MUST. After the bidding ends, the highest bidder will receive a note from us, regarding the transaction details. Holds are only for people who have bought an adoptable or commissioned us before at least twice.

Terms & Conditions

After purchase you will be sent the unwatermarked digital file of the adoptable in full resolution, and will be added onto the official master list of owners. No physical item will be shipped. The following are rights and conditions regarding any adoptable made by us.

You are allowed to:

  • Resell or trade the adoptable to other people. Regarding reselling, DO NOT sell it higher than its selling price. You may raise the price if you have commissioned extra art for the said adopt; but do not force the person to pay for the art if they absolutely CANNOT use it (e.g. old couple art). As the previous owner, please inform us when and to whom the adopt is sold or traded so we can keep track of the ownership. It is also applicable when gifting the adopt. Inform us if the design was traded or sold; we will record it. Provide proof please.
  • Make minor edits to the adopt and provide other outfits. Please do not change everything to a point of it being unrecognizable. If the original file is edited, contact us for approval.
  • Co-own the adopt with another person. However before reselling/trading the design, both owners must contact us (via notes from their respective accounts or through e-mail) to prove that there is consent from both sides; or else we won't update the master list, making any transaction done unofficial. We also don't want to be involved in any personal agenda between co-owners, so make sure to have a mutual settlement when informing us.
  • Give the adopt a name, decide its gender, personality, give it AUs (besides the closed specie canon), etc. Treat it like your own character. In lieu to this, you may use the adopt in an RP group, with the conditions of not using the original art on the app unless permission is asked.
  • Use vouchers within reasonable agreement between both parties, but please inform the people involved of the monetary value of the design. As designers we won't be too involved other than recording that a voucher is used, or investigating any dishonest behavior. Once a voucher is used, it is considered traded, do not give cash directly to the person because it's a mislabeled resell at that point. If you find anyone suspicious and trading any of our designs for "vouchers", please inform us. If you are unsure of the adopt's value please ask us. Because of the grey nature of vouchers, we discourage this even if we allow it.
  • Use the design for commercial use through new artwork (e.g. VTubing, artbooks, games, prints, merch, etc), but please inform us first and credit us properly for the design. However this does not include usage in NFTs. Any designs and art made by hen-tie/myonehen are NOT authorized for use in any blockchain-related technology including NFTs and any form of cryptocurrency.

You are NOT allowed to:

  • Claim the original design as yours.
  • Refund the adopt once it is sold. You may however resell/trade it.
  • Resell or trade the adopt you own to people in this blacklist. You may however trade/buy my designs from them if the design wasn't stolen.
  • Sell an adopt you got from a free raffle or Offer to Adopt (OTA) if no money was spent.
  • Use the original artwork for commercial use without permission (please discuss with us first).
  • Use the designs and works of hen-tie/myonehen in any blockchain-related technology including NFTs and any form of cryptocurrency. We will not authorize this.

We will be happy if we will be informed about any story, commission, or progress regarding our adopts, so feel free to show us! We hope that they will be given a good home.


Please read and re-read everything above.

  1. If we find that our terms are violated, the one who committed the violation will be blacklisted, and won’t be transacted with in the future.
  2. Your DeviantArt or Toyhouse account should at least be a year old. This is to avoid selling adopts to dummy accounts. However there can be exceptions if you can prove you have a previous account, or an established 1 y/o account (like twitter, FA, etc). We may also check for any commission/adopt purchase history with your account.
  3. Be honest and responsible customers, only participate in any transaction only if you are able to pay of your own ability (have your own paypal account/credit card and not use someone else's especially parents'). Chargebacks against us due to irresponsible buying, will automatically result to a permanent blacklist.
  4. If we find that you are blacklisted within proper reason from other creators, proven to do bad business practices, or cautioned against with proof; we may decline to transact with you in any way.
  5. If you are a minor, have a consenting adult fill the form we're gonna send so they can make the purchase. It will be considered gifted, or co-owned depending on what the two parties have agreed on. Both parties must note or e-mail us about the agreement regarding the design. The payer will be held responsible if there any chargebacks and refund against us.
  6. If chargebacks or refunds were done against us, we have the right to revoke the ownership of the design and put the design back on sale.
  7. Regarding any closed species made by me, please do not make your own using the CS name regardless of use (personal or business), unless given special permission or having purchased a MYO slot. Lilidae, Regalion, and EnTrancers (or any of its sub-species) can only be made by hen-tie & kanlamari; while Vulixies can only be made by hen-tie, dooli, and niku. We will not police people who would use similar concept and design unless they without a doubt outright heavily traced and plagiarized the official artworks & designs.

DISCLAIMER: Any similarities to other designs, characters, or stories, if not mildly inspired from, are purely coincidental.


Credits: Original rules by Piffi-sisters