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General Character Rules:

  • You may draw my characters and I would be really grateful for it! Probably I would even give a drawing back like an art trade.
    • If you draw them, you may change their clothes unless it's written otherwise in Appearance description.
    • Please consider the description of the Appearance since some things are not well to detect in the images.
    • If you want to change the species for the drawing please ask me first.
    • You may draw them interacting with your OC. But please Message me first if you want to draw a romantic or flirty pic unless the character is single / it's stated that the character is very flirty. If not sure you are free to ask me.
  • You may not claim them as your own or steal them.
  • You may not use one of my species to create an OC of it before you've messaged me. It is allowed to create an OC out of my species but to make sure to follow the rules of the species I'd like to be messaged.
  • Actually, all my OC are Hetero-Sexual unless stated otherwise

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