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Hiya, wandering traveler! Thanks for stopping by my page! It's dangerous to go alone, so take this warning: Please do not steal, trace, or copy any of my characters in any way. Also, please respect my characters and myself. I put a lot of heart and soul into all my characters. Thank you! :)

Please Do Not

  • Label me a furry
  • Kin my characters
  • Colorpick my characters
  • Follow if you don't support BLM
  • Follow if you don't support LGBTQIA+
  • Follow if you are a zoo/a pedo/a chaser
  • Draw NSFW of my characters w/o asking

Content Warnings

  • Suggestive themes
  • Vibrant Designs
  • Horns/Eyes/Teeth
  • Anthro Animals
  • Tagged Drug Use
  • Tagged Mild Gore
  • Cussing/Swearing

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