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Hi, welcome to my Casino! Before you take a look around I have a few rules that I'd like you to take a look at. Please do not go against my TOS and make sure to follow these next rules. They are rules not guidelines so follow them. These are made to make everyone here comfortable and safe!


  • I sometimes lose track of time, or forget to check my messages or have spurs of not wanting to be online. If I don't respond to DMs, don't take it personally!^
  • I love drawing but sometimes I'll have a moment where I simply can't draw. Yeah, it sucks, so I may back out of a commission (If i'm able to) or trade but most of the time I won't. There are rare occasions.
  • I love adopts with the base made by DiscountPurgatory/VerticallyChallenged and will most likely offer for them.
  • I am a minor. Please don't be weird. I will not accept NSFW art, don't send it to me as a gift.
  • Please don't get mad if I misread something, and don't be afraid to call me out if i've done something wrong! But, please don't be mean about it.


  • If you want to refrence anything.
  • If you want to draw gore of my charaters.
  • About payment plans, holds or vouchers!
  • If you want to draw suggestive themes of my characters.


  • Draw fanart/Gift art of my characters! (NOT NSFW)
  • Favorite or add my characters to your Wishlist.
  • Offer on characters in my Trade/Offer/Sale Folder.
  • Use tone indicatiors! I genuinely appreciate it, it helps me recognize the tone of the conversation.
  • Comment nice things on character profiles/the comments! I love to interact with you guys so don't be afraid to say hello!


  • Steal my characters, designs or art, or Color-pick/Take insporation off my characters.
  • Trace over my art/Copy it, or Eyeball it and call it yours.
  • Kin my characters, Roleplay as my characters, use my characters for Faceclaims/Design claims.
  • Offer on characters outside of the Trade/Offer/Sale Folder, UNLESS, stated otherwise by me.
  • Save ANY of my character's images.
  • Compare my characters to your characters, even if meant lightly, I can't tell tones over text and will assume you're trying to accuse me of something, It's very uncomfortable.
  • Try to contact or interact with me after I've blocked you. I don't owe you any reasons, just DNI.

Just a few warnings for the people that need it! Please take a look at these before you enter the Forest Shop, I don't want anyone to get triggered!^^


  • Sensitive/Disturbing Topics (Drugs, etc.)
  • Suggestive Content/Themes (Nothing NSFW though)
  • Gore, Blood, Violence and Weaponry. (Specifics will be stated in Character Warnings for you guys!^)
  • Bright Colors


  • You are a Racist, Homophobe, Sexist, Transphobe, Pedophile, Zoophile, MAP, AAM, Abelist, Transmed, Terf, etc. I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT. YOU WILL BE BLOCKED IMMEDEATLY.
  • Ship real life people. ex: dnf (DreamnotFound)
  • Are anti-Neoprouns or purposely misgender someone.
  • Are rude to age-reggressors (Littles) or DID, or anything of that sort. This is a safe space and if you can't respect that then leave.
  • Are heavily political, throw your religion in my face AS AN EXCUSE for being mean, or fetichsize LGBTQ+ people or POC people.
  • Treat everyone as less than a Human or Equal. Don't be an ass.

The people listed here cannot have the following: My art, designs, characters, or attention. Do NOT resell my characters/designs to these people. THEY ARE HERE FOR A REASON. Currently blank, LETS KEEP IT THAT WAY.


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