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Thank you so much for the fave~ <3

no problem! thank you as well!

-Hoards account with love-
Hey beeb!

HOII! <3

who the hell are you :o *pokes with stick*

Yo! I really love these two characters here: Would anyone from here interest you?: If not I can offer lots of art, examples here:

they are not for sale or trade, sorry!

Ah, alrighty <33!

I think that celsius like went into a black hole? I accepted the transfer but he didn't show up in my characters D:

that's strange LOL I may have accidentally deleted him right before I was doing it ID I was doing a massive gallery cleaning and didn't pay attentio sorry!

It's all coolio! I have all the images anyhow, i just wanted the toyhouse file because i think you had all the credits for everything on there and stuff. whoops xDD If you remember any of/all of the artists who contributed to his stuff feel free to PM them to me please! <33

ah no no credits for anything LOL I'm terrible with that!, I'll message them to you later!

thank youuu <3 added the artist i know! hope that helps!

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hello there! Unfortunately they are not for trade or sale, sorry!

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no problem! ^^

Hiya! Thanks for the sub :D

No problem! ^w^

Can I just say that all of your characters are fantastic oh god //lays down //dissolves into the ground


Rubs against profile XD lool


Lol xD I was just kidding xD

I know XD