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Hey there welcome! Just a few rules n such before you enter :) I don’t mind having a chat or anything, feel free to talk to me.

Yes i was called Thornabee

This TH is a phat WIP rn, so a lot of characters have info missing and spelling mistakes. I'm also pretty dumb at remembering to upload stuff, so if you see art that's not uploaded or properly credited, then please feel free to remind me.

If you're offering, please don't send me your entire TH or massive folders, it makes things easier for me when it's a small list or group.

That being said, those tagged with 'LOCKED' or 'NO' are strictly off limits unless the tags are removed.

Please Do Not

  • Steal my Ocs or any of the art here
  • Beg me for my Ocs
  • Take heavy inspo off of the ocs here

Content Warnings

  • Gore (Art and mentions) 
  • Strong Language 
  • Body horror ( Eyes lots of them )
  • Sensitive topics
  • Mentions of death etc

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