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Before you look around:

- DO NOT use these characters for roleplay or faceclaims. They already have owners.

- DO NOT use characters from the tags "kit," "brooke," "vibe," "custom" or from the WIP folder as inspiration for your own designs, or your own customs. They were either created by me, with me or made for me with very intimately personal details.

- DO NOT kin these characters; again, they already have owners and I'd rather they not be kinned.

- DO NOT ask to buy/trade for characters unless they're in the selling/trading folder or in one of my forum threads! any questions to buy/trade will be ignored since it happens so often!

- DO NOT ask to buy characters who have their total worth up. that is never, ever a price tag for you. it's for me to keep track of how much i spent!

Thank you so much for being considerate!

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