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Welcome to my profile! Here you will find the many characters and extentions of myself! Please be warned, not all profiles/tabs are child/minor-friendly. Quite a few of them deal with rough subjects, so please be warned and be sure to read the profile content warnings! //If the characters have certain subjects and no warning, that just means I haven't been able to update them yet. ALL characters should be viewed with a warning, just in case.// **NOTE- Alot of the 18+ content involved for my characters are ALWAYS in seperate tabs of the characters profile, as I try to keep that separated from the main profile content!

Please do not
  • - Steal my characters/art
  • - Claim my characters/art as your own
  • - Kin with my characters- it makes me INCREDIBLY uncomfortable, as they are part of me, and a few are my own comfort characters. Also that would mean you Kin me and that's kinda weird QuQ"
  • - Offer for my characters unless explicitly stated or offered
Overall Content Warnings For Any Given Profiles
  • - Violence
  • - Heavy sexual themes
  • - Blood and gore
  • - Occult references
  • - Sensitive Topics(abuse, addiction, suicide, etc.)
  • - Religion references(not all good)
  • - Murder

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