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my stuff might contain some sensitive content. mainly self harm, gore, flashing or eyestrain colors, murderering or crime scenes, vent art, possible artistic nudity, could be something else but mainly those. characters with sensetive content having warnings on their profile and filters on images.

please do not offer on my ocs on this acc don't even ask for pings if they ever going to be ufo! everyone on this acc are FOREVER HOMED! and they are important to me.
ALSO PLEASE do not be weird to me or to my ocs like please do not get horny or weird about them and do not kin them!

PLEASE DO NOT INTERACT IF YOU FIT INTO GENERAL DNI CRITERIA, i dont want to write all of it. just dont interact with me if youre one or supporting this or into other fucked up or weird shit JUST FUCKOFF. and please do not mention any of those if you will talk with me, those themes making me very uncomfortable.


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