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• Draw my characters

• Use my free resources! They're there for you!!!

• Infodump about headcannons! I love that stuff. OwO

Do not...

• Offer on any characters that are not labeled for sale! If there's no price, they will never be for sale. :)

• Use my characters for RP/Kin my characters. A lot of them are 'sonas, so this makes me uncomfortable. >~<

• Use my content in any way, shape, or form unless in the "Resources" folder.


• Minors (you are allowed to use my resources, but otherwise don't interact, please!)

• Transphobes, Homophobes, Alt-Right, Zoophiles, Pedophiles

• Antis. This is a pro-fiction, anti-censorship place. (This account does not contain any quote unquote "proship" content, but I do not wish to interact with others who harass and threaten others over fictional content.)

~ Please enjoy your stay ~

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