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Obligatory Aggressive Profile Warning 

-Unless I personally link you a character tagged nft Do NOT offer/mention them. 
If you snoop around my TH and try to be like "Well I'll trade for this nft/forever homed character" that I DID NOT LINK, you will be blocked. 
-Do not offer on anyone tagged Forever Homed
Not following the above will resort in being BLOCKED. I most likely will not trade with you in the future.
-Pressing continue You Consent To Seeing Any Content On My Toyhouse 
-Warnings will be on TH photos and specific character pages. You will never be blind sighted. 
-If you're not okay with NSFW content or dark themes DO NOT VIEW THE CHARACTER
- If you cannot separate fiction from reality then my profile and characters are even more not for you
-Obligatory do not steal my characters, color pick, or base/inspire designs off of them
-Do not comment offers on character profiles. I will not see them. (unless stated in an ad for tracking)
I literally do not see them until I'm cleaning profiles. Shoot me a DM for a response.

I am not nice anymore. I am fucking tired.
Follow these simple guidelines and things will be okay. 

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